My Story

Hello, Well Welcome to “My Story” and how I got here.

Well let’s begin, I meet my amazing cute husband Larry in 1993, got married in Oct. of 94 then started with our first child Jacquelyn in 1995. We were young and had a lot to learn. We really started learning a lot when we gave our lives to Christ in March of 1996. Then our next son Jake came along in 97′, then our son Jesse in 99′, that put our faith to a challenge when he was born with a hole in his heart and his heart was on the right side of his body (Dextrocardia). As you can see from the picture today he is a healthy young man and doing all that he wants to.

During the years of being a mom and like any mom, I loved to pick up my camera (film) to capture every little moment. Meijers loved me! And I loved my kids! During those years, I loved watching them grow into the humans God designed them to be and to be free. With that freeness, we have seen a lot of changing. From long surfer hair to short hair, to hippy’s, to preppy, to homeless, oh list, goes on and I got it all on camera to remind them. So through this and all my pictures on my walls, my friends started to take an interest, in what I was capturing and my gift of just capturing the moment that they started asking me to take pictures of them with their family. Oh, my heart! I was capturing something so precious and I know it. Something people would have forever and love. That’s when my friend Angela came with a question that stretched me to the moon. She asked me to capture her wedding day! AHHHHHH….I was scared! That is the biggest day of someone’s life and there are no redo’s. So I printed up the sheet of every shot you’re supposed to get and checked them off one by one as I got the Shoot! Angela if your reading this, thank you for trusting me and totally believing in me even when I did not believe in myself. At that point, my focus changed and I tried to be like everyone else because it was right but still trying to add a twist of some Jewels flavor to it. I was so finding out that really wasn’t what I loved or wanted. I wanted to capture moments like these that tell about your family. If you look at our family picture, it’s nothing like Prince William or Princess Kate and for me, I don’t want to be. My picture tells the story of us. I didn’t pick out anyone’s clothes! I didn’t have anyone’s hair done (in fact one is in a hat) or makeup fixed! I told everyone where to stand but then they do what they do my oldest and youngest cuddle each other about 80% of the time and if the are not hugging in some way they are holding hands…I hope that never stops! My middle child, well he wears the middle child well and plays it well also, as you can see. Then there is my husband and me, he’s nice and conservative, me…well I have some personality so I can get away with being Barbie one day, to hippy flower child the next and I do it. Then it was taken in my most favorite place ever (Oregon) on our most favorite trip ever (West Coast 2015 Trip. I myself tried booking a photographer but could not find one for the time we were there so I hooked up my tripod with my camera and got this, that now hangs on a 40x60 canvas in my living room and I LOVE it! Was it cheap, not at all! But totally worth it because otherwise all I would have is these memories in my head but now I have it plastered on my wall and just about everyone that walks in smiles because God made us just so perfectly even in all our imperfection he made us. And I really like us!