Nick | Class Of 2017




 I was honored when I got a call from Nick’s mom asking if I could take his pictures. Nick is very creative also and has a rad Instagram account where he makes pretty sweet videos. I met up with Nick and his girlfriend in downtown Rockford where we walked around and found some great spots to shoot. Some that even Nick didn’t know about, I was pretty excited about that.

Then it was off to Nick’s house on a Lake, and if you have a house on a lake with teenage kids then you also have a boat that your able to surf from. This I really loved because I myself have been learning to surf from our boat so I was writing down stuff in my head as I was shooting from the back of the boat.

Shooting here was Nick’s idea and it was great because you could really tell he loves this place and this is Nick’s life here on the Lake, surfing.

What a great way to end a great session!